Say hello to Tweetsie

A while ago, Twitter started to require all API requests to be authenticated whilst this is great for security etc. what about all the JavaScript plugins that used this to get tweets? Well they all BROKE!

Instead, Twitter made their own widget which can be added to any webpage without the need for any back-end development work. Which is great.

Until you want to style it. You can't. It is stuck inside an iFrame which as we all know are terrible. Especially on mobile devices.

After digging round and looking through GitHub, I found a URL that returns JSON for the widget you create here. Which can only mean one thing...

Say hello to Tweetsie!

Tweetsie is a new JavaScript plugin built with ES6 and compiled into ES5 code with Babel.

It gives you direct access to any Twitter widget you have setup. Returns these tweets as either an array for you to do as you please. Or instead, pass a template and let Tweetsie do everything!

It's still a very young project, and still needs a bit of work. But i've open sourced it for everyone to enjoy!

Download it now on GitHub!