Hello World

Building a personal site is always a pain in the rear end. I could never come up with an idea that I wanted to follow through. So when I set out this time, I wanted to make the site more about my knowledge rather than what I have done. So this is what I am doing from now, more talking about what I have done rather than just showing it and saying 'I can do this aren't I great!'

So to start off a simple hello world, the most basic of things ever made by anyone ever!

This site was built with Jekyll and it's awesome! I knew about Jekyll and had looked at once or twice, but never really appreciated the speed of it. I can write blog posts in markdown which whilst can look stupid sometimes, the syntax and how it is written all make perfect sense!

Also, because I am a lover of open source stuffs, this sites source code is available through GitHub. Pushing GitHub then builds the Jekyll site and pushes the source to my server. I never have to touch or look at FTP ever again! And if I decided to change the style of the site, create a new branch work on it whilst still being able to write blog posts and then once done merge across the changes. Simples!

So there we go, hello world for my blog world, I don't know how well this is going to work or how often I will keep it up dated. Only time will tell.