Currently a frontend engineer at Netlify working with React on the main application. Previously frontend engineer at GitLab where I worked on Issue Boards, the Web IDE and many other features.

As you already know, my name is Phil Hughes. I am web developer who specialises in frontend development. I love all things frontend. JavaScript & CSS are my main loves.

I code in CSS or SASS. Whichever the project requires.

Need JavaScript doing? I'm the man you want! If I don't know the framework, I'll learn it. VueJS, React, NodeJS. You name it, and if it's JavaScript, i'll do it!

VueJS is my main passion out of all the frameworks. It's easy to use and powerful to create any types of applications required. It's lightweight enough to be included everywhere and the performance is incredible. If you haven't tried it, I couldn't recommend it enough.

Behind the scenes

As the saying goes...

Behind every great man there's a great woman

And that is true for me. On December 20th 2014, I married Elizabeth Hughes.

Sopy moment coming up

We hadn't been together long compared to other couples getting married. And yes we are both young. But when something feels right. And it felt right.

It was our time to get married. It was an amazing day. And everyday after it still remains to be amazing.

What makes her extra special is when I talk nerd stuff to her. She listens. She might not understand. But she still nods & agrees.

New life

On the 30th April 2016, our beautiful daughter Emilia was born.

Emilia Hughes