Phil Hughes

JavaScript engineer at GitLab

  • How we dropdown

    GitLab 8.6 is a massive release for the front-end. It includes a lot of improvements that make GitLab look amazing!

  • Being Sassy with SASS

    It is no secret that I love CSS. But it is even less of a secret that I love SASS. It takes our regular CSS and allows us to do some pretty awesome stuff!

  • Say hello to Tweetsie

    A while ago, Twitter started to require all API requests to be authenticated whilst this is great for security etc. what about all the JavaScript plugins that used this to get tweets? Well they all BROKE!

  • Fine tune your performance!

    Performance on any website is key.

  • Adventures in ThreeJS

    I have done 3D graphics and all I did was open Blender and moved the default cube around. I couldn't do anything to it. I don't really understand 3D math, vectors and stuff confuse me. But something always makes me want to try it more and more! ThreeJS makes this super easy! It's an open source library and has a lot of different methods to make 3D graphics through the browser super easy!

  • Grunt, Grunt!

    GruntJs is my best friend in my development world! It does a lot of things and does them exactly as I tell it to. No-one else deciding my workflow, because my workflow is obviously the best and everyone else is wrong. I work best by doing the things I want, how I want them.

  • Hello World

    Building a personal site is always a pain in the rear end. I could never come up with an idea that I wanted to follow through. So when I set out this time, I wanted to make the site more about my knowledge rather than what I have done. So this is what I am doing from now, more talking about what I have done rather than just showing it and saying 'I can do this aren't I great!'

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